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Onex is an independent oil refiner and commodities trading house, creating logistics solutions that safely and efficiently move physical energy and soft commodities from where they are sourced and stored to where they are demanded most.

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45,000 b/pd Bazian Oil Refinery 

We restored, upgraded and expanded the Bazian Oil Refinery in Kurdistan after our acquisition in 2010. The refinery employs over 400 professionals and is now capable of refining 45,000 bp/d and has a long term tolling agreement with the Federal Government of Iraq.

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Commodity Shipping

We own a fleet of vessels and we recently took delivery of 3 new LR-2 vessels from Hyundai Heavy Industries. Our vessels have all been delivered and are currently being managed by Anglo-Eastern and chartered by Scorpio Tankers.

Due to our large commodity trading business, we have a fleet of our 8-10 vessels per month under our management and operations.


Commodities Trading

We trade volumes of around 75,000,000 barrels of commodities per annum and have curated expertise and relationships with the global trading houses, oil majors and end-users in the industry.


Our Commodities Team

We have a team 15 expert trading and shipping professionals with specialist knowledge based in Dubai and Geneva. We have on the ground labourers and agents in the countries we operate enabling a competitive edge to our supply chain management 

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