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Power Generation

We are powering 1.5 million homes in Kurdistan and Iraq; supplying the demand deficit in the Region.

We develop, build and operate power generation plants and also explore opportunities to further secure available power capacity from the international market in support of the country's objective of closing the current power shortages in Iraq and meeting future demand.


Bazian-I 750MW Power Plant


In 2016, we financed, built and commissioned our first 500MW Simple Cycle Power Plant in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The plant is currently being expanded to 750MW Combined Cycle with Calik Energy carrying out the EPC and completion set for 2023.


Kurdistan, Iraq


2016 500MW Simple Cycle
2023 250MW CCGT


Calik Enerji


Bazian-Ii 500MW Power Plant


In 2021, we financed, built and commissioned our second 500MW Simple Cycle Power Plant in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The Plant was constructed by Calik Energy on a fast-track basis and energised in Q4-2022


Kurdistan, Iraq


Q4 2022 500MW Simple Cycle


Calik Enerji

Saavi Energy: 2200MW Power Plant 


We acquired a stake in Saavi Energia in partnership with Global Infrastructure Partners and Mubadala Investment Company in 2021.  

Saavi is a private power generation company with more than 20 years of experience in Mexico with assets positioned in the main industrial areas. Saavi is the 4th largest IPP in Mexico with over 11 energy facilities  compromising of 6 CCGT, 1 GT, 1 Wind farm and 3 Compression Stations.


Mexico, Latin America


Founded in 1995



Stimulating local development

We have created over 3,000 jobs indirectly and continue to collaborate local businesses into our procurement and maintenance scopes

Full Plant Availability

We have a highly skilled O&M team managing our assets with long term service agreements with GE

1250MW Power Capacity

1000MW of power available as of Q4 2022. 250MW CCGT to be complete in Q4 2023.  (Excluding Saavi)


Environmental Initiative

Our projects are considered as generators of Green Energy by the European Commission and therefore considered as Sustainablere to begin editing.

Energy Security

We aim to reduce the power deficit in Iraq through our significant investments and bring a better quality of living to the people. 

FDI- International Partners

Our investments support the economic development in Iraq and KRI by attracting Foreign Direct Investments into Iraq.

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