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working at Onex means becoming part of a collaborative, results-oriented team

Team Meeting

Developing leadership teams and a future-ready workforce

Talen is one of our primary drivers of value creation.  At Onex, we recognise that developing an effective workforce strongly relies on effective management, high performing leadership teams and future-ready workforce with the right skillsets to increase competitiveness, productivity and self-sufficiency in our companies for the long term.

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A catalyst for competitiveness 

and future growth

One reason for the long-term success of our business is the importance we place on being principled. It is this belief that drives both the way we work with our Partners and the way we hire, manage and develop our people – and we look for the same qualities from them in return.

Corporate Meeting

At Onex, we support our companies in developing capable executive leadership teams who are balancing short-term results with long-term value creation. We take an active interest in focusing on the project leaders and empower them to build high performing teams and automated systematic organisations. 

We do this through the investment in quality human capital with substantial prior experience in leadership capacities and to transfer the acquired experience to our organisations.

Developing leadership teams and a future-ready workforce

Driving functional

We continuously explore the latest technology trends and process innovations to identify what could be applied and piloted within our portfolio. Our objective is to be early adopters of technology-driven solutions dedicated to people and organizational performance to create value for our employees, customers and companies.

Green Indoors

Interested in joining our team? Send us your CV and tell us why you are the perfect fit for Utility Energy.

"At Onex, you're required to learn on the job, at a fast pace and without boundaries. You're encouraged to push yourself, break comfort zones and take responsibility."
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