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Who we are


Our development is founded on organic growth and expansion


Private infrastructure investment group with interests in prime real-estate, renewables. power generation. oil refining, trading, shipping and telecommunication services. We have headquarters in France, Dubai, Luxembourg and Iraq and employ around 1,500 professionals across our vertices.

We are focused on bridging infrastructure gaps in selective emerging markets as we continually seek new challenges, advance new technologies and enter new fields. We are working towards increasing our power generation and renewable capacities in line with the increasing demands of the countries we are operating in.

Burned Forest

Our Impact

Onex believes that the firm’s greatest contribution to regional development comes from building profitable, value-creating, and socially responsible private enterprises.

Working Together

Building next-gen leaders

We have developed best-in-class programs to upskill employees on technical and functional skills, as well as leadership and soft skills across all levels; the programs deployed in our projects has given the opportunity to 1000s of employees.

Sustainable Energy

Improving access to energy

Onex has reduced its carbon footprint through its renewables projects, as well as, improving its reliability and efficiency of its energy businesses. To date, Onex provides energy to 1.5 million homes through renewable and sustainable green energy plants

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Fostering institutional relationship 

We have been able to raise capital from renowned institutions such as JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank and Santander. We have had projects supported by COFACE and other government agencies due to its importance to regional energy security.