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Our development is founded on organic growth and expansion

Private infrastructure investment group with interests in prime real-estate, renewables, power generation, oil refining, trading, shipping and telecommunication services. We have headquarters in France, Dubai, Luxembourg and Iraq and employ around 1,500 professionals across our vertices.

We are focused on bridging infrastructure gaps in selective emerging markets as we continually seek new challenges, advance new technologies and enter new fields. We are working towards increasing our power generation and renewable capacities in line with the increasing demands of the countries we are operating in.


Renewables & Green Power

Onex's values and business strategies have remained constant in the areas that matter since its inception. We believe that growth and success are nurtured by developing long-term investment projects in both traditional and new sectors and by building modern infrastructure within a digital world. Our solid foundations were built by welding local talent and capabilities with global opportunities.

Investments into innovation and advanced technologies combined with efficient management and operations enable Onex companies to offer highly competitive services that are constantly honed and updated to deliver value to our people while also often inspiring others and facilitating a maturing of the market as a whole.

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We take a long-view approach

We seek out possibilities and opportunities to develop companies, commerce, and services not only in fast-developing and high-potential fields, but also in areas that may be overlooked or perceived as too risky. Our priority is to create value in the companies in which we invest. We remain undaunted by the prospect of entering new markets and new – often synergetic – fields. When considering new business, we primarily target markets with high retail potential and those with rapidly developing infrastructure.


We prefer to act as the majority owner, but we are also keen to work with partners espousing a business philosophy that dovetails with our own. We have built and will continue to shape Onex as a portfolio of companies where sectoral and geographical diversification offers stability and opportunities for vertical integration.

"Ability to develop and upgrade while capturing development premiums and strategic value in several segments"


We invest in projects that form the backbone of the economy and the needs of the demographic in that jurisdiction. We observe reality, anticipate trends and adapt to capture them.

It isn't just the performance or returns that matter. We care about the way we achieve our targets and we establish long-term relationships with partners that allow us to generate superior partners around the world and generate superior returns.



In the pursuit of Excellence, seek to be the best


Conduct ourselves with Integrity- our reputation is everything


Build sustainable long-term relationships


Accountable for our actions, individually and as a firm

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