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Onex Sustainable Investing

Sustainable investing is about investing in progress, and recognising that companies solving the world’s biggest challenges can be best positioned to grow. It is about pioneering better ways of doing business, and creating the momentum to encourage more and more people to opt in to the future we’re working to create.

Green Fields
Green Energy Turbines

Sustainability is Onex standard for investing

Our investment conviction is that climate risk is investment risk, and that integrating climate and sustainability considerations into investment processes can help investors build more resilient portfolios and achieve better long-term, risk-adjusted returns

Climate Transition

A transition to net zero demands a transformation of the entire economy. All companies will be profoundly affected by this change. While the transition will inevitably be complex and difficult, it is essential to building a more resilient economy that benefits more people.

We are committed to supporting the goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050