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First Vessel Receives DNV Notation for Quiet Underwater Operations

Onex is one of the leading oil trading and shipping firms with a large fleet of modern vessels.

The first merchant ship has officially received a notation on its class registration regarding its ability to reduce and eliminate underwater noise during its operations. DNV, the first classification society to offer an underwater noise notation, announced that it has recorded the notation for a newly built Aframax tanker. The notation is part of an effort to encourage shipbuilders and owners to take further steps to make their new vessels more ecologically friendly.

The 115,000 dwt crude oil tanker Onex Peace was built by Hyundai Samho Heavy Industries and recently delivered to its owner ONEX. Registered in Panama, it became the world’s first merchant ship to receive DNV’s SILENT-E notation.

“Onex Peace is a competitive ship that can operate in waters with strict regulations without disrupting the sea’s ecosystem,” said Gemma McQueen, Director of Corporate Communications at ONEX DMCC Dubai UAE. "This proven low noise technology will create the capability to deliver improved operational performance, expand operational routes, and enhance environmental management of the ship.”

The SILENT-E notation ensures ships do not exceed average-to-moderate Underwater Radiation Noise (URN) levels. Vessels with this notation can minimize their impact on marine life and document noise performance for authorities, or those requiring proof of noise emissions for transit through vulnerable areas.

“In a highly competitive market, HHI has proved its capability to build a high-quality ship with improved fuel efficiency while satisfying eco-friendly underwater noise standards,” said Won-Ho Joo, Senior Executive Vice President, Hyundai Heavy Industries. “We will strengthen research and development on low-noise and green ships to ensure our continued competitiveness in the future eras of eco-friendly ships.”

DNV and HHI, along with the Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering are conducting a joint research project on measuring and evaluating underwater radiation noise. As part of the study, the parties carried out the underwater noise measurement and analysis of the Onex Peace. Subsequently, DNV granted the SILENT-E notation, verifying that the meets the requirements of certification.

“By receiving the notation, ONEX and HHI are demonstrating that they are taking a step ahead in working to minimize the impact of shipping on the environment,” said Vidar Dolonen, DNV Regional Manager for Korea and Japan. “This is becoming increasingly important for stakeholders at all levels of the value chain, and we hope that the awarding of this notation is another important milestone that will help to raise standards in shipping to the next level.”

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