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Press Release: Onex acquires 56MW wind portfolio in Spain and Portugal

Onex continues its renewables growth plan with 3 additional acquisitions

The shift to renewables remains the groups focus and these three acquisitions will build more momentum for the team to continue more acquisitions in the field.

Strategic partnerships will spur our growth and create valuable opportunities for us to capitalize on.


We have acquired stakes in three wind projects, of which two are located in Zaragoza, Spain and the latter in Portugal. The two projects in Spain are two separate wind farms both located in Zaragoza and each of them with an installed capacity of 24MW; the projects are in partnership with Enel Group, the largest renewables energy company in the world with 54.2 Gigawatts of renewable energy capacity installed.

We are extremely proud to be partners with such an esteemed and renowned group globally; we hope the investments pave for further acquisitions and developments. The partnership will build on our target to achieve carbon net zero by 2050.

Furthermore, we acquired another 8MW regulated wind portfolio in Portugal and in partnership with Exus Management Partners, an independent investment and asset management firm focused on the renewable energy sector. Exus currently managers an operational portfolio exceeding 9GW and will continue the management of the asset.

We are committed to investing in Portugal and by increasing our current 221MW wind portfolio in the country, we hope this emphasis our long-term ambitions.


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